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Legal & Compliance Operations Management.

With our services in Legal & Compliance Operations Management, we support legal and compliance departments and law firms in unleashing the power of digital legal workflows of their operations and service delivery – from conceptualisation to implementation and application management.

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A New Legal User Experience

In-house Counsel, and consequently External Counsel, are under increasing pressure to meet the “more for less” imperative by Business, while demands for legal service delivery innovation and agility as well as new areas of legal expertise grow – a situation that has been further intensified by the advent of the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing economic uncertainty.

Consistency and Communication

Ad hoc, unstructured interactions between In-house Legal, Compliance, Business and External Counsel. Discretionary handling of enquiries via email, phone or Excel spreadsheet.

Priorities and Efficiencies

Fielding simple employees’ questions by legal team (no self-service).  Not enough time for important and complex bet-the-company matters.

Tracking and Tracing

Overview on request numbers, types and progress only possible with considerable effort.

Continuous Improvement

Data on volume and type of requests is patchy. Measuring KPIs remains vague.

Your Solution

Legal & Compliance Management Platform

Our Legal & Compliance Management Platform solution leverages and extends the NOW platform of ServiceNow® which enables the efficient and effective delivery of legal and compliance services without losing focus on the user, e.g. the business user, corporate counsel, agent or external counsel.

Our cross-disciplinary approach with a multi-disciplinary team comprising lawyers, software engineers, legal management consultants, ServiceNow experts, and UX designers empowers us to provide a tailored symbiosis of legal expertise, technical-pro¬fessional know-how, and implementation competencies.

We meet clients where they are and assist them along their digital transformation journey.


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Use Cases and features of Inspiring Legal

Get the digital transformation of legal and compliance processes in your organization off the ground: on a sustainable and flexible platform.

User Portal and Virtual Agent

Knowledge bases configured for all your personas to share information within your organization and answer the most common questions of your business users.

Matter Management

A centralized source to manage the routing processes of opening cases and receiving advisory requests, with a user-friendly experience in the Agent Workspace

Workload and Resources Management

Manage flexible workflows to improve visibility into the workload of each team. Access real-time data and gain insight into team time and effort with built-in reporting capabilities.

Third Party Due Diligence Management

Capture and centralize third-party information to avoid losing important information. Evaluate third parties with a risk-based semi-automated evaluation based on standard monitoring procedures

Approvals Management

Use external inputs and contexts and establish a clearly defined escalation process. Risks cannot be completely avoided, but you can reduce the pressure on approvers by providing them with all available information in a single workspace.

Settlement Platform

Automate your process from acquisition to billing. Offer your customers a single secure entry point to share information about their claim. Generate PDF files of your claims and settlement agreements, send and approve offers and counter-offers with automated notifications.

Travel Companion.
Partner. Implementor

Inspiring Legal offers end-to-end, holistic solutions for process management for corporate legal and compliance departments, law firms, and other legal service providers with its design thinking, legal project management, longstanding ServiceNow expertise, Legal Tech Translator, Code vs. Content, and a strong appreciation for value creation.

Inspiring Legal meets clients where they are and assists them along their digital transformation journey.